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Curricular Activities

The school is affiliated to the Matriculation Board (now Samacheer), Government of Tamilnadu. There are classes from Pre KG to Higher Secondary. Montessori method of education is adopted in the KGs. The medium of instruction is English. Tamil, French and Hindi are the other languages taught. Apart from the usual subjects (like Maths, Science, Social studies etc.), Computer Science, General Knowledge and Arts & crafts are compulsory for all students. The curriculum is updated and modified periodically according to the changing needs of the Society. Besides, Visual Education is provided through multimedia gadgets.

The school provides a comprehensive educational feeding to all students. Academically the school offers maximum input, shaping the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the students. Apart from lessons of syllabi, knowledge on current affairs and events of national and global interest are also imparted. Individual care is given to students to improve their handwriting, spoken English, Mathematical and Scientific skills.

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