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Do's & Don’ts


Students Are Required

  • To be well disciplined and well mannered in and outside the school premises.

  • To bring the school diary daily.

  • To be clean, tidy and in proper uniform whenever they are in school premises.

  • To speak only in English inside the school campus.

  • To attend all the tests/exams conducted by the school without fail.

  • To attend all he special classes arranged for the benefit of the students.

  • To obey all the teachers and school staff both inside and outside the school premises.

  • To attend the school in time and be regular to the school.

  • To be an active participant in all the school activities and games unless rendered medically unfit or exempted by the principal.

  • To attend all celebrations, festivals and functions of the school compulsorily.

  • To follow good table manners while taking food.

  • To report to the teacher/staff, if any accidental damage is caused to any property of the school.

  • To be in proper uniform, within the days stipulated by the authority monitoring wearing of uniform and to get prior permission, if not being able to wear uniform-dress/ belt/ shoe/ id-card.

  • To come to school only in double plaits with black ribbons (Girl students).

  • To have a short and trimmed hair (boys).

  • to trim nails once in a week.

  • Always to keep left while walking in the corridors or moving in the staircases.

  • To pour water before and after usage of toilets and help the school keep the same clean and hygienic.

  • To hand over the unclaimed articles, cash, book, etc found anywhere in the school premises to the office room. Failure to do so shall be viewed seriously.


Students Should

  • Not wear or bring any valuable articles to the school. (The school will not be responsible for loss of such valuables).

  • Not meet parents or visitors in school.

  • Not leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.

  • Not meet parents or visitors in school.

  • Not engage any of the school teachers as private tutors.

  • Not appear for the examinations without hall tickets.

  • Not arrange felicitation or offer any gift to the members of the school staff.

  • Not enter any other class room or any other place inside the school without permission of the concerned teacher/staff.

  • Not open the bags / boxes of other students.

  • Not stand on the pathways for any reason.

  • Not disturb the class or class mates during class hours.

  • Not be irregular or should not skip any Home Work.

  • Not be habitually late to school, frequently absent or negligent in wearing proper uniform.

  • Not be absent without any leave letter from the parents.

  • Not waste or spill any food item.

  • Not eat or chew any eatables other than during lunch hour or break timings.

  • Not be out of the class room, for any reason, during the class hours or during examinations.

  • Not organize any party or get-together on their own, either inside or outside the school premises.

  • Not scribble anything on the walls, furniture or on any other school property.

  • Not communicate with any student of opposite sex, either directly or indirectly, without the knowledge of the teachers.

  • Not alter, design or change the style of uniform at any point of time.

  • Not wear flower or other ornamental items in their hair (Girls).

  • Not colour their hair or not to be in any type of objectionable hair style.

  • Not engage in any unwanted conversation with the Drivers / Conductors.

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