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Attractive Salary Structure For Staff

  • As per the revised salary structure enforced w.e.f 01.06.2014,
  • The minimum salary for an unconfirmed Lower Standard teacher stands fixed at Rs.15000 PM, for an unconfirmed middle Std teacher is fixed as Rs.17000 PM, for an unconfirmed X Std teacher stands fixed at Rs. 25500 PM, for an unconfirmed XI Std teacher stands fixed at Rs. 23500 PM, for an unconfirmed XII Std teacher stands fixed at Rs. 42000 PM.
  • The maximum monthly emoluments drawn by a confirmed teacher (excluding Principal) stand at Rs. 64033.
  • The minimum monthly emoluments for a Driver stand fixed at Rs. 15000, for a conductor at Rs. 11200 and an Aayaa at Rs.6000.

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