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Smart Class With Innovative Teaching Methods

When it comes to adoption of innovative teaching methods, CEOA has proved to be second to none and is always a pioneer in bringing the latest , whether it is technology or methodology , unmindful of the cost involved therein, keeping in view the interest of student community.

Smart Class Rooms

It is not in any other school in India but only in CEOA where all the class rooms numbering 200 are provided with New Line Smart TV which has latest imported technology enabling the teacher with the ease of access to teaching aids. This project alone costs crores of rupees. This also enables students to understand the subjects with ease and clarity and makes the whole class interactive and interesting. . Each and every class room has inbuilt with a smart board for smart learning. The students are learning all the subjects with great enthusiasm through videos and pictures in their class room. With the help of advanced technology like 3d animation, high quality pictures, model worksheet etc, the students are able to understand thoroughly the conceptual learning by means of diagrams. This system of education encourages the student to develop their participation skill and interaction skill.

To ensure that smart class room is fully utilized and with a view to bring the whole content to the students through extensive use of such smart boards , CEOA has partnered with the pioneers in the field of education and has introduced the following Smart Class programmes in tune with the curriculum and to improve the communication skills of children

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